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We know our industry inside out, and we are dedicated to demonstrate its wide range of services and technologies. Let us present the best solutions for your business, whether you need internal communication, a high-functioning line of communication with your customers, high-performing internet services, and more.


We bring decades of experience to the table, guiding you through the process of purchasing a telecom service for your business. We will not only enhance your productivity and efficiency, but it will help you save money and time in the long-term.

Best quotes on the market

You can’t get better prices when browsing yourself for telecom services. Our established connection to the industry gives us access to special pricing plans and service packages. We connect businesses with telecom companies, finding the best arrangements for our customers.


We don’t just address the needs you identify, but offer support in purchasing telecom services with a keen eye for business operations. Our expertise allows us to recommend technologies and solutions that aren’t always evident from the beginning.


Time is precious for a business, and getting your telecom services set up and running is a time-sensitive operation. VoIP Guru is aware of how important fast service is, and we deliver the best solutions in record time.

Top-of-the-art solutions

VoIP Guru offers you the benefit of market intelligence, coming up with the best solutions for your budget. You will get important insight on what can save you money in the long-run and how you can streamline your business operations.

What Makes Us the VoIP Guru

We Offer You the Best Value for Money
Looking for the right telecom provider for your business takes time if you don’t already have established connections in the industry. Your business has specific needs that should be met by a flexible provider who can address every requirement you have. VoIP Guru is able to find the best deal for you by getting a highly competitive price for the best service available in your area.
We Work with Trustworthy Providers
We collaborate with a large number of telecom providers and our team is up-to-date with the latest offers, technologies and B2B providers in the industry. We have established long-lasting partnerships with our providers, which allows us to purchase highly customized, perfectly-fit telecom plans for you.
We Have over 200 Options to Choose from
The large network of providers we have established in our 15 years of experience gives us the freedom of choice. The flexibility that sets us apart from our competition is largely possible thanks to this. Your business will get plenty of benefits from our strong authority in the domain and the connections we have.

15 Years of Experience in the Telecom Industry

Our CEO has been working in the telecom business since 2007, bringing over 15 years of experience to the table. Our team members have a tight work dynamic and we are constantly improving our service by training and actively contributing to the industry. Telecom consulting is a line of work that requires constant action, professional innovation, and a good knowledge of business best practices. VoIP Guru embodies all these qualities, and more.

Experience allows us to navigate through the thousands of offers on the market. We have great communication with telecom providers and notable experience building relationships. This is why VoIP Guru builds bridges and creates long-lasting partnerships for its customers. VoIP Guru is not tied to any brand, giving us the freedom of choosing an ideal match for you, without compromise.

What Makes Us Different and Better

VoIP Guru is not only your expert solution to the telecom needs of your business. We are also extremely focused on customer service and we aim to find out what you would benefit from the most. We know what questions to ask and we provide solutions in record time, always keeping in mind your business needs.

Finding the best price for telecom services is not our only priority. Our goal includes providing you a long-term beneficial  telecom solution. A solution which is flexible and customized for your business. Further, we provide support and we facilitate communication between you and the provider.

If you need to find a new telecom provider, contact us. We have a verified approach that will save your business time and money in the quest of finding the best phone services.

Sit back and relax while we do the work for you. You will be presented with a short list of telecom providers that meet your exact needs, a report on how they compare and expert suggestions to help you make an educated decision for your company.

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Unlimited calls within the US/Canada
Enhanced Business SMS
High-definition (HD) voice
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Unlimited U.S. Calling

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Unlimited U.S. Calling 
Free Phone Number
U.S. Based Tech Support
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24/7 U.S. Customer Support
Text Messaging
CRM Integrations
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Do You Need a Reliable Telecom Solution? VoIP Guru Can Help

Our clients are businesses who aim to save time and money instead of browsing aimlessly through thousands of telecom providers. VoIP Guru helps businesses nationwide connect with their customers and serve them efficiently. 
Contact us to book an appointment, tell us what your business needs are in terms of telecom and communication. We will compile a list of the best providers in your area and help you reduce the time and costs related to a major telecom purchase.
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